This week we have:
Wednesday, April 19th Fellowship Meal at UCCC Gym, 6pm; “Peak of the Week” College & Post-Grad Bible Class on “How to Share your Faith - Discipleship” – by Guys/Girls Groups at UCCC Gym (4626 NW 8th Avenue), 7pm (Bring a friend! Also Final Basketball Afterwards)

Thursday April 20th Ladies “Thirst Quencher” during reading day, 6:30-8:00pm at UCCC with all the ladies of our church family (Guys babysit)

Saturday, April 22nd BBQ & Silent Auction at Florida Bible Camp, 11am-1pm ($10 per student and you each get 10 free raffle tickets – prizes include FREE theme park tickets, Gator memorabilia, and more – all proceeds go to benefit camp – purchase tickets this Wed. night)!

Sunday, April 23rd Mark 12 College Class by Darren at UCCC Room #212-214, 9am (Breakfast/Coffee at beginning); Worship, 10:20am (Bring a friend – Donny preaching); Lavoris preach, 6pm; GFC End of the Year & Grad Appreciation Dinner at UCCC Gym, 7pm ($5 for Olive Garden – Grads are free - dress is casual dressy – come for Olive Garden Dinner, End of the Year Video, Albert the Alligator, and surprises for our grads!)